Story Of Waziuzzaman

Story Of Waziuzzaman

Muhammad Waziuzzaman, a toddler of two and a half years from Bangladesh, holds the distinction of being his parents’ firstborn child.

The child initially developed a lump on the le of the back of his neck on 23rd May 2023 and was taken to Anwer khan Medical college and Hospital in Dhaka.

The child was asked to undergo biopsy as they suspected cancer.

But parents wanted to take to Christian Medical College ,Vellore as they heard about it from their neighbors.

Later, the Child’s father got information from Mr. Nafiz, from Bangladesh (whose child had a similar type of problem bent toes) and was seen and diagnosed as FOP by Dr.Vrisha Madhuri Madam and also about Fop trust.

Wazio father’s then contacted FOP Trust, following which an appointment was arranged by FOP Trust with Dr.Vrisha Madhuri, who was now working as a Senior consultant in Amara Hospital, Tirupati.

During this appointment the child was seen and diagnosed as FOP. Thereby all information about FOP was given. He was given necessary medication for 3 months.

He was given necessary medication for 3 months.

The family was advised to contact immediately if and when there were any new flare ups for further treatment.

All doubts and questions raised by the parents were clarified. They were satisfied to have received a detailed consultation.

The parents expressed their heartfelt thanks towards the help and guidance received from FOP Trust and also Mr.Nafiz who was part of the FOP group.