Our Mission

  • Help families/ patients connect with relevant doctors / hospitals and arrange for consultation / treatment /Medicine.
  • Help families/ patients with Equipment’s /beds / home modifications/ wheelchairs. Etc
  • Raise funds to help find a cure by giving grants to research organisations /universities and any other entities.
  • Collaborate with other Rare disease groups to mutually support each other to obtain Government approvals for clinical trails, medication funding , regulatory approvals
  • Create awareness about FOP via Social Media, Doctor reach out, Incorporation in Govt protocols.
  • Work to get FOP to be categorised as a rare disease and help families avail Govt assistance for treatment / management
  • Get Govt regulations to make all building / Train , bus and Air travel Disability ,friendly / wheel chair accessible.
  • Any other activities which are beneficial to the rare diseases community as a whole.

Our Vision

FOP Trust of India will strive to support & provide information to FOP patients and families across India, and increase awareness about FOP in India. To create a knowledge bank among the edical fraternity, on the symptoms, diagnosis and medical management of FOP. Also, to collaborate with other Rare disease groups to help this community of patients and families.

Advisory Team of FOP Trust

Our Team comes from many different disciplines.

Our Values

We listen to people, especially individuals with FOP and caregivers, so that we can meet them
where they are at and provide the support and care they need.We honor the generosity of our supporters
by making thoughtful financial decisions that are in keeping with donor intent and that ensure FOP INDIA’s long-term sustainability.

We treat everyone with consideration, and value the unique contributions that each person brings to the FOP INDIA.


We act with honesty and transparency, and use our values and mission to guide all of our interactions and our work.


We work with a sense of urgency to assist individuals with FOP and their families and help discover treatments & a cure as soon as possible.


We always pursue the highest standards of effectiveness and professionalism in all aspects of our work.

By referring someone with FOP, you not only
stand a chance to win ₹1000, but also help
them receive the support they need.

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